The Tutoring Center, Clemson-Seneca SC

"Our son just started with The Tutoring Center and he loves it. We wanted to get him more help to make sure he was on the right track. The process is really easy and the assessment is well worth it to find out what areas you kid needs help in. I know the results will be great! Thank you all!"
Tina White
"Barton loves The Tutoring Center and it has helped him so much over the past 3 years. He has progressed substantially and since starting has grown leaps and bounds in the way he learns, interacts with others, and is confident in the work he does. I can't say enough about the staff. They are super friendly and helpful and they truly want the best for your child. If your child needs extra help with English and Math subjects this is the place for them to be."
Gina Yates
"My grandson has been going since June. I've seen much improvement in his reading and math. The staff are all wonderful and professional. Covid19 protocol is followed. I highly recommend the Tutoring Center."
Don Weekes
"Alexus has been going to tutoring for a year. She is above grade level in reading and her anxiety has significantly improved since she’s been going here. We had tried everything we could to help her anxiety and tutoring has been the best decision we’ve ever made! Alexus is confident in herself and in her work. The staff is excellent and care about each and every student who enters their door."
Vickie Muller
"We have been going since October. My son didn’t fit the typical mold in how he was ‘behind’ in school and they have done a wonderful job of evaluating and measuring his success through different means. They also make each session fun and provide exciting rewards to make the kids keep wanting to come back."
Nikole Reeves
"We were EXTREMELY pleased with our son’s increased score on the SAT, through the SAT prep course. Our daughter is currently in the High School enrichment program and grades continuing to increase! Highly recommend!"
Chana McLellan
"We recently have started with the tutoring center, and have been very impressed. Our son looks forward to going there for each session. They have been very professional and communicative. We have received insightful feedback, and plans of action to help our son meet his goals. Highly recommend."
Courtney Jackson
"So glad we found The Tutoring Center! Our daughter loves it and is thriving. The staff is wonderful, professional and so helpful. The programs are exactly what we were looking for, exactly what our daughter needs!"
Vanessa Adrian
"I can’t say enough good things about this place and the ones that work here. They have been a saving grace to my family "
"I can’t say enough about how great our experience has been so far . Our son is in 5 k and has not been able to keep up with all the lesson plans that they have been working on in his class. As a parent you want your kids to succeed but you also want them to be happy about learning and you want the process to be fun not a struggle . My son would come home from school dreading to do his homework and the struggle for me trying to get him to sit down and do it has been a bit overwhelming. The homework should take about fifteen minutes but it was taking us a lot longer . At this point it was throw in the towel or go to an extra resource for help , so I contacted The Tutoring Center . I’m so glad I did . I finally feel I’m getting some support that is working and we are on the right track."

Stacey Brodie 

"Great staff that actually cares about your child's education! My daughter is not a statistic here, she is an individual and is instructed in ways that she understands. Thank you The Tutoring Center of Clemson-Seneca SC!"

Sara Harris

"Mayarie just loves the center! I was a little nervous when we made the commitment (both in schedules and in price) however the Tutoring Learning Center quickly put those concerns to ease. Mayarie is not only making progress but is engaged in the learning and goals their program sets. She actually asks when she goes next. There professionalism, experience, patience and knowledge is helpful especially to those parents who are not up to today's teaching methods and styles. With their knowledge and experience they were able to find the weak spots in her foundation and build upon those along with other fundamentals that are needed in today's world and classroom. They not only work with the student/child but with the parents as well. They are open to suggestions and feedback and help guide us as well in our decision progress. It is a team effort between the Tutoring Center, teachers, parents, and child/student. It is well worth the investment and I don't regret my decision one bit."

Tina S.

"I am absolutely ecstatic over my son’s progress while attending tutoring sessions at The Tutoring Center. Through hard work and dedication, he has exceeded expectations in all subject areas and his confidence is soaring. He is no longer feeling stressed about school assignments. Even better, his test anxiety is almost non-existent. The staff at The Tutoring Center are dedicated, positive, encouraging, and extremely pleasant. Thank you to all the staff at The Tutoring Center for all you have done for our family. I highly recommend their programs! Ten out of ten stars!!"

Daphne Howell Hoffman

"Highly recommend this amazing team if you have a child struggling and losing confidence. Peace of mind is priceless when you see success that comes for working with the Tutoring Center."
Tracy Fasolino
"I was looking for a Math tutor when someone recommended The Tutoring Center. It’s so much more than I expected! I couldn’t go back to a regular tutor! The whole program is very well organized. I love how you work with my son’s teachers and also look for foundational areas he can be strengthened in." 
Kolten Lee
"The Tutoring Center and the staff here are a blessing from God. The staff understands how parents/grandparents are feeling and reassures us. They reinforce to the students that they are learning and making progress and give them a feeling of accomplishment with the tickets that they earn. They make the kids feel good & excited about learning.I can’t put into words how much I appreciate this Center and staff. They go above and beyond to help these kids and stressed out grandparents. They never give up on them and won’t give up on them. The staff listens to us, hears our problems and concerns, and supports us as grandparents and parents, so we can work together to help the kids."
Jody Phillips (Mia Wilson)
"Tears and a sense of dread seemed to surround the kitchen table when it came time for my child to work on the math homework that was sent home; math test mornings were anxiety-filled struggles . . . those things are a thing of the past! Because of the pace of study, the wonderful people, and the environment of The Tutoring Center of Clemson-Seneca, SC, my child has confidence and is doing better than I could have ever dreamed! Math homework is met with, "Oh, my tutor helped me on this last time! I can do it!" Math test days are now met with, "We reviewed this and my tutor taught me some tips! I got this!" I have seen my child grow in ability and confidence, and I credit The Tutoring Center for this! Thank you!"
Laura Scott
"My son is in the 1st grade. At the beginning of the school year he was very far below in the national standards in reading and math. He has been going to the tutoring center for 6 months now. He is now at the average in math and on the way in reading. He has advanced so much in the last 6 months. I would highly recommend the Tutoring Center for any tutoring needs."
Crista Massie 
"TTC atmosphere is very lively and positive, making it very comfortable for my granddaughter to work without feeling rushed. All of the staff are very kind and knowledgeable, making sure she understands all the material before moving on to the next lesson. I recommend this to any student who needs help or wants to get ahead in their academic studies."
Connie Ross
"My elementary age child has been attending The Tutoring Center for almost a year. Not only has his confidence in his intelligence grown, but he looks forward to going to TTC and enjoys the entire staff and how friendly, welcoming, and attentive they are. His MAP testing scores have improved dramatically and he no longer stresses over tests. I DO highly recommend this center. Worth every penny to invest in the future of your child."
Audrey Hernandez
"Just can't say enough about the Tutoring Center. We are very fortunate to have this center in our area!! The staff is so dedicated in ALL that they do and care about every student & helping them succeed. If you have or know someone who is struggling in school don't hesitate THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!!!!! Remember they offer FREE Consultation and Diagnostic Assessment."
Karen Black
"My son loves the Tutoring Center, the teachers are so nice and he really feels learning is a fun thing there!"
Leon Zheng
"My grandaughter loves going here! She is always excited to go! I recommend this to anyone who's child needs extra help!"
Karen Lee
"We have been very pleased with the results the Tutoring Center has provided for our son. He is starting to excel and fill in the gaps. Thanks for helping!"
Adam Artigliere
"Im so glad we have found this place. My son is excited to come, which means everything to me. The world is opening up for him because of this place!
Kristi Robbie Lee
We tried another tutoring program with very little satisfaction. We were looking for another avenue when we realized several of our son's friends were students at The Tutoring Center. We talked with them and liked their feedback (Russell especially). We enrolled Russell and have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with everyone at The TC. He has gained confidence, educational perspective and had fun along the way. We will continue to go there throughout his high school career.
Liz Lewis Kuemmerer 
"The staff are so professional, warm, friendly and knowledgeable. They helped us to feel comfortable and welcome right away, and put our nervous student at ease. Our daughter is enjoying math tutoring more than she (and we) ever thought possible. And, the process is not only enjoyable, but it's extremely effective. She is making progress rapidly and we could not be happier about it! Thanks TTC!!"
Helen Gentry 
"The Tutoring Center has been a lifesaver for my daughters in 7th and 10th grades! It has improved my daughter's 7th grade math grades tremendously and made them both much more confident in school. I only wish I had discovered it last year! It is professional, caring, and well run! The kids actually enjoy getting to go!
Melissa Nix Turnipseed
"My son loves going to The Tutoring Center and his reading has improved tremendously."
Marcie Bramlett Cope
"Great Tutoring Center!! My kids love it here and they learn and have fun at the same time! I would recommend it for parents who have kids struggling in Math, Reading, or Writing. Also has very friendly instructors. I rate this Center 5 out of 5!! Love it."
Trupti Naik 
"Love love this place! You won't find a better place that's just as excited to see your child succeed as you are!"
Stacey Smith
"We could not have asked for a better experience over the past 8 months.  Everyone has taken a personal interest in my son.  The structured rotations are good for his skill growth."
Lori Kelley
"I could not be more thrilled with my child's progress while attending this program! She has gone from C's to A's in less than a year of tutoring. She is now confident and happy about her grades and the best part is seeing how proud she is of herself! Thanks Wendy and the entire TTC staff! Y'all are awesome!"
Melissa Phillips Hamby 
"I cannot say enough great things about TTC Clemson! My 14 year old son has been a student there 3 days a week for 2 months and the progress is amazing! He looks forward to going and his grades have already improved! Thank you Wendy, Brian and all the team at TTC! You are changing lives!"
Joy Powell Duncan 
"We have just joined The Tutoring Center team and we are very impressed with this company. The program and the staff are amazing! Great things are happening at this place!"
Shelby Klugo
"We absolutely love The Tutoring Center. My daughter went from a 70% in Math to a 97%. The staff is kind, supportive, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend The Tutoring Center they give your child the knowledge and tools to excel."
Dana Santerini-Coghlan
"The staff at The Tutoring Center expertly identified gaps in my daughter's math knowledge right away.  Within the first 2 - 3 weeks of beginning tutoring, her confidence and self esteem had increased dramatically.  We drive over an hour to get to the center each week (from North Carolina), and it is well worth the trip!"
Helen Gentry
"I am very happy we chose this center because the instructors care about the students and want them to improve in whatever they are struggling in.  I’m so excited to see how well my daughter is improving.  We tried another center before coming here and they were not so good, very expensive and lack of knowledge.  I’m so glad we chose to come here.  Thank you so much for all you do."
Jasmine Marshall
"Great facility. They treat you like family and are always willing to help! My child LOVES to go and it is always great to see the excitement in her face."
Lorie Huggins
“The Tutoring Center gave us support and hope!”

Melissa E.
“The staff is awesome and extremely organized and efficient!”

Angie N.
"I appreciate the individual interest in the success of my 2 children and the always positive and constructive learning environment.” 
Lee Crandall.
"My boys, ages 14 and 16 have been attending the Clemson/Seneca Tutoring Center for about 7 months and they love it! They enjoy their time with the tutors and I enjoy the fact that they have accomplished the goals Wendy set for them at our initial consultation! Fantastic program and fantastic Center and tutors!!"
Leda Newman
"We love the Tutoring Center! My daughter really enjoys it. A very friendly, and open atmosphere. Wendy is great! She really knows each child individually and makes the kids feel so special. The tutors are phenomenal! I HIGHLY recommend The Tutoring Center!"
Dana Coghlan
"I love the Tutoring Center! They helped me overcome one of my biggest obstacles in life. I graduated from a local high school in 2013 with an IEP learning plan, but I still could not read most things. The diagnostic test showed I was at a 3rd grade reading level. I started the Tutoring Center in February 2016 . With 10 months of hard work and tons of dedication coming 3 times a week, and with all the inspiring staff supporting me, they helped me succeed with my goal. I'm reading at 8th grade reading level now! I highly recommend the Tutoring Center! You will not be disappointed with the results!"
Travis Storey
“The Tutoring Center has encouraged my children to always do their best. I believe they all give a structured curriculum and the teacher/student ratio is an ideal learning atmosphere.  My children absolutely love The Tutoring Center!”   
Melinda B.
"Wendy is amazing! The tutors are AMAZING! My child was in the middle of his 4th grade year and hardly at a 3rd grade math level. He has significantly improved! He was floating between a low "C" and an even lower "D." by the end of 3 months he went up to a steady "B." 

This is a powerful tool. Highly recommended if you, like me, have tried repetition multiplication writing, flash cards, apps, games, extra workbooks, summer workbooks, hours and hours of unnecessary stalling, and procrastination from child due to lack of confidence! 

These people really are amazing at what they do and are very personal and caring."
Megan Smith
"What I like about the Tutoring Center is everyone is so kind and they always make you feel welcome. The environment is awesome. They make learning fun and always encourage them to succeed"
Karen Black
"My kids love it! The instructors are awesome. I would recommend this."
Veronica Mcknight
"My daughter is enjoying the program and staff is great to work with!!!!!"
Jennifer Johnson
"Love the staff and owners and how they are improving not only my daughter's math skills but her new confidence. Thank you..."
Susan Birmingham Lombardo
"The Tutoring Center has helped my son tremendously! He has shown so much improvement with his reading and math. My son loves it! The instructors are awesome. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child!"
Tara Kevin McCall
"This place is wonderful. My elementary school aged child attends The Tutoring Center and has learned so much, as well as growing in confidence and ability. I cannot say enough nice things about the program, the people, and the environment. Anyone who has a child that struggles with any subject should definitely send their child to The Tutoring Center in Seneca, SC. I have seen a major change come over my child, and homework and tests have become a lot less stressful due to the help that my child has received. Thanks so much!!"
Laura Scott
"My son is in the 1st grade. At the beginning of the school year he was very far below in the national standards in reading and math. He has been going to the tutoring center for 6 months now. He is now at the average in math and on the way in reading. He has advanced so much in the last 6 months. I would highly recommend the Tutoring Center for any tutoring needs."
Crista Massie
 "My daughter is taking the study skills classes. She is receiving individualized attention which is helping her become a better student. She didn't want to attend The Tutoring Center, but her instructor, Kiesa, is awesome and she is truly enjoying learning!"
Tammy Newton
"I like that I can ask the tutors when I have questions on my math for school. Last year math was hard for me. I feel that I know a lot more about math this year compared to last year. Because I now understand more about what my teacher is explaining, other kids in my class ask me to help them on their math."
Madelyn Poteet, 6th grade, Rockbrook Elementary School
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."
Johnny Siyluy
"I like the tutors and getting ahead in math."
Ross, 12th grade, Flower Mound High School
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"What I like about going to The Tutoring Center is that everyone is so polite even when I’m not in my best of moods! I also like learning new things about math that I have a hard time understanding while still having fun."
Kendyll, 10th grade, iSchool
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
“I love The Tutoring Center because it’s really fun and we get praised. My favorite part of going to The Tutoring Center is the teachers. They are really nice and fun."
Kristen, 8th grade, Downing Middle School
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"This is a 5 star place! As one of the students of the tutoring center I love it! I went from being very behind to catching up really fast once I starter getting help. Not only do they help with home work and provide extra work when needed they also encourage us in many ways. One of the ways of encouragement is that when you earn stickers to enter stickers on the sticker page eventually you can get "money" for the store there and work to get something fun. And in edition to this they do amazing following Covid-19 protocol! This is definitely a place to go to if you or your child is falling behind or if ya'll want to excel in school"
Zoie Klugo
"I absolutely love the tutoring center! The tutors are very sweet and help me with the things I'm struggling to understand. Makes me feel a lot more confident in everyday life skills." 
"I believe that the game boards work out very well and the money works well. [When] I was first introduced to TTC, I thought that it would feel like a long time, but really this feels way shorter than it really is and I wish school would be the same.”
Nate D
“I think TTC is very helpful with very good instructors. The stickers, money, and prizes are a good add-on to help students have something a little extra to look forward to. I also like how some instructors had little tricks with math to help with solving problems.”
Savannah W
“What I like about TTC is that we don't work in groups--we have a nice person that helps you individually! I also like how we rotate and I especially like the candy."
Deena H
"TTC helps you to become a better reader."
Will M
"Some of the things that I like about TTC are that they help improve math for better grades and the candy! Also, the instructors are awesome!"
Luisa T
“The Tutoring Center works very well!”
Jonathan E
“My favorite thing about The Tutoring Center is that they (the instructors) are nice to me…and don’t torture me!"
Heather-Rose, 5th grade.
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