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Declaring a major is the first step towards a career path; hence, choosing one can be challenging for most high school students. Fortunately, some strategies help narrow down this critical decision; so, if you haven’t decided on a college major yet, read and follow the tips that The Tutoring...

Learning a new language might seem challenging for some students; however, it is an enjoyable experience that comes with a wide range of social and academic benefits. Thus, if you are a student interested in multilingualism, keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Clemson-Seneca, SC, so...

Some children have a challenging time as they learn to develop language and pronounce words. Helping your child through this journey is crucial, as it will allow them to communicate effectively later on. For tips on how you can help your child's pronunciation, continue reading.

How to Help Your...


Can you imagine being a child with poor eyesight, trying to play, pay attention in class, and learn more without the help of glasses? For this reason, you should care for your child's eye health, so you can address any existing issues and help your child have the quality of life they deserve....

The end of the school year is getting closer and closer, which can only mean one thing: soon enough, it's going to be finals week. If you normally feel stressed out during this time, the post below will share tips so you can come out of finals victorious.

How to Get Ready for Finals Week

  1. For...

While focusing on understanding the reasoning behind certain academic concepts is an effective study method, much of learning has to do with memorizing information. Especially when dealing with names, dates, definitions, and rules, being able to retain and recall information is key in learning...

Tests are nerve-wracking enough as they are, without adding the challenge of having to take them online. However, as circumstances have changed, online tests are much more commonplace. The post below has some tips you can follow to help you take them effectively and perform better at them.



Nowadays, children are practically born with a mobile device attached to their hands. Especially now, with the pandemic, many children need mobile devices to learn, socialize, and be entertained. If you don't want your child's cellphone to become a distraction, the following post has ideas for...

The new school year is starting, which means your child will get a new teacher. If you want to help your child do well academically, you will need to work with the teacher (especially now that many students are taking online classes from home). That's why you should make an effort to establish...

As the new year approaches, so does the chance to reflect upon ourselves and find areas in which we could improve. If you're a student, you may want to consider the new year's resolutions below so you can reach your academic goals during the upcoming term.

Academic New Year's Resolutions


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