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Declaring a major is the first step towards a career path; hence, choosing one can be challenging for most high school students. Fortunately, some strategies help narrow down this critical decision; so, if you haven’t decided on a college major yet, read and follow the tips that The Tutoring Center, Clemson-Seneca, SC, has for you.

Evaluate Your Interests and Preferences

The more you know about your interests and passions, the better you will assess your decision. To that end, come up with a list of activities you love to do; you can also write down your interests, passions, and all the things that spark your curiosity; on the other side, write the career paths that align with those preferences.

Evaluate the Range of Job Opportunities for Each Considered Major

Another helpful tip to narrow down your decision is researching the leading job opportunities within each career path that interests you; after all, you want to pick a major that will help you get a fulfilling job after graduating college. To that end, write down the jobs you like the most and research each’s earning potential and hiring rates.

Contact Professionals in the Fields That Fit Your Interests

Getting mentorship and career advice from professionals can help you figure out what job positions fit you the most. To that end, talk to people with professional experience within the career tracks that interest you and ask about their job functions, educational background, and experience. You can reach out to them on LinkedIn or seek them at your local career center.

Take College Classes

Last but not least, you can make sure if a major is compatible with your interests by enrolling in college classes while still in your senior year of high school. To do so, ask your guidance counselor about dual enrollment programs at your school; if you meet the requirements, you can take college classes centered around the major that draws you the most to see if the experience meets your expectations.

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