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While focusing on understanding the reasoning behind certain academic concepts is an effective study method, much of learning has to do with memorizing information. Especially when dealing with names, dates, definitions, and rules, being able to retain and recall information is key in learning them. Still, overloading your child's brain with information they have to commit to memory isn't an effective study method. To help them in this respect, you can make use of the mnemonic devices below to help in their retention and recollection of information.

How to Help Your Child Study with Mnemonic Devices

  1. The ABC song is proof that creating catchy songs with the information to memorize is a legitimate learning tactic. Make up fun songs with your child's school lessons to help them learn.
  2. If your child has to memorize a list or steps in a process, you can put together silly acronyms. For instance, Everybody Can Play Cards can represent the four stages of the water cycle. The sillier the acronym, the easier it will be remembered.
  3. If your child is an auditory learner, they might also enjoy fun rhymes as a way to retain their school lessons. For example, "I before E except after C" helps remember this key spelling rule.
  4. For kinesthetic learners, there are kinesthetic tactics where they use movement, their body, and touch to learn. You use these tactics with the Hokey Pokey to learn your sides and body parts.
  5. Finally, there are visual cues that can also help your child learn. For example, based on the shapes, your child can memorize the phases of the moon with the word DOC (D is for waxing, O is for the full moon, and C is for waning).

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