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Can you imagine being a child with poor eyesight, trying to play, pay attention in class, and learn more without the help of glasses? For this reason, you should care for your child's eye health, so you can address any existing issues and help your child have the quality of life they deserve. To help you in this respect, learn signs that your child needs glasses through the post below. If you notice these signs in your child (and even if you don't), remember to take them to a professional for an accurate assessment.

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses

  1. Do you notice that your child squints regularly? If they do, they may need glasses. This is the most well-known sign that there are sight problems since people squint to focus and see better.
  2. You should also take note if your child has overly sensitive eyes. If they're constantly red, watery, and/or itchy, it can be a sign that there are eyesight issues to address.
  3. Imagine squinting your eyes constantly and straining them to focus on what's in front of you. Unsurprisingly, this can result in frequent headaches and migraines. If your child complains about them often, take them to the ophthalmologist.
  4. Finally, pay attention to how your child behaves. If they need to close one eye to see better, if they sit too close or too far away from what they want to see (be it the TV or a book), they may need glasses.

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